I joined Homelife in 1998, and began recording for their second album and first ever tour. Over the six years that I was with the band we had toured UK and France numerous times (being on tour with up to 14 people at one time..a wonderfullyweird and warm family of individuals). In the band I sang and played clarinet, analogue synthesisers, glockenspiel, Fender Rhodes and laser gun live and also recorded vocals/clarinet on four albums and six EPs; Strangers EP, Cho Cho LP, Seedpod EP, Forkbeard Fantasy’s Frankenstein, (all on Madwaltz Records), Fairweather Friend EP (Master Detective), Flying Wonders LP, Guruman Hubcap Lady LP, Too Fast EP, Flying Wonders/Wobbly Jack Ep, Home Broadcaster Ep (all on the Ninja Tune Label)
Members in Homelife: Headed by Paddy Steer, Tony Burnside and Simon King; with Faron Brooks, Semay Wu, Justin Lingard, Rosie Lowdell, Matthew Batty, Richard Harrison, Jason Self, Howard Jacobs, Bob Dinn, Icarus Wilson Wright, Steve Chadwick, James Ford, Pat Illingworth and Graham Massey. In 2005 Paddy Steer and Tony Burnside decided to make Homelife a duo.

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Posted on 18.07.2012