UK tour of ‘Songs for my Grandmother’ 10th-15th March 2013

..with support from KIRA KIRA

A tour with my mum, concert pianist Enloc Wu.
Since the commission from Chinese Arts Centre last year, the performance will include more compositions and now films that have been made specifically for the show.

Words by poet JUDY KENDALL. To view her poems including this collection “Songs for My Grandmother”, go to

Here’s one of the films made for the show, track is called Circle (more to follow!):

SOU - Seaming To E-FLYER_OUT 2

“Songs for My Grandmother”

A song cycle entitled ‘Songs For My Grandmother’
This work was commissioned by Chinese Arts Centre and is a homage to one woman seen through eyes of a grand daughter, in collaboration with poet Judy Kendall, and performing with acclaimed pianist and mother Enloc Wu.
Performance using spycorders, vintage electronics, and visuals.
It was premiered in 2012 at Anthony Burgess Foundation, and a UK tour take place early 2013.

World Sanguine Report

Andrew Plummer’s World Sanguine Report, the pleasure of singing with him on stage and singing vocals on his album Skeleton Blush due out in 2013.

Full Rabbit Exhibition

Full Rabbit Exhibition, at Shoreditch Town Hall, London, exhibiting two of my audio visual pieces. The first is “Hair Piece Two” (Hair, Sound, Tape Player) and also “Words That Cannot Be Said”: The flight from war time events, ¬†too terrible to mention. ¬†Piecing together from fragments. Words That Cannot Be Said is scored for three dictaphones.

Soup Collective: Transmissions

SOUP is the name of a group of filmmakers based in Manchester. I sang on Graham Massey’s electronic version of Gustav Holst’s Neptune, music for “Transmissions”, and provided voiceover for this short film about the journey from the maritime beginnings of radio transmission through to the nationwide shutdown of the analogue signal.

view “Prologue” here..

and another:

Birds Eye View

BEV celebrate and support international women film makers. I performed a live soundtrack to surrealist film maker Maya Deren’s At Land (1944) at BEV’s Sounds and Silents festival in Barbican London, and later in 2011 live performances of Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) at Sounds and Silents in Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), and Latitude Festival 2011. I performed soundtrack to Meshes again early 2012 at Opera North, Howard Assembly Rooms in Leeds.

Jenna Collins’ “More Real Than The Every Day World”

Working with a selection of amateur fiction footage held by North West Film Archive, More Real Than The Everyday World (2010) reflects on the possibility of collaborating with the original filmmakers through their films, asking what we can know about them through their narrative constructions, and what the writing of these constructions might entail and articulate. I composed music for Collins’ film and this toured nationally (to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Norwich, Lancaster, and Glasgow) Another future collaboration with Collins in the pipeline, when I will be composing music for a storybook.

Larry Goves

I performed composer Larry’s “Virtual Airport” along with vocalist Sofia Jernberg, cellist Oliver Coates and pianist Sarah Nicolls at The Howard Assembly Rooms at Opera North in 2010.

Leon Michener

A quintet was formed for pianist and composer Leon Michener’s Knowledge of Kult, which was premiered at Kings Place, London in 2010. The quintet included Aleks Kolkowsky (Stroh Violin, Wax Cylinders), Olie Brice (Double Bass), Mark Sanders (Drums) and Leon Michener on piano. A new work together is in the making.


Evento was part of the Art and Architecture Biennale in Bordeaux 2009, and I sang with the Bordeaux Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kwame Ryan at the National Opera House, alongside singers Mara Carlyle and Marcela de Loa with electronics from Max De Wardener, with orchestral arrangements from Tom Trapp.