Natural Process review by Marc Urselli

‘The Natural Process’ is a reworking of Susumu Yokota’s track of the same name and a perfect example of Seaming’s distinct and inventive soundworld. Reminiscent of Laurie Anderson and Bjork and yet utterly unique. Seaming’s luxurious vocal tones wrap and weave their way around a pulsing web of electronic sound. A virtual choir from another world.

‘proneandsupine’ is an immersive choral reverie that demonstrates the full beauty and majesty of Seaming’s voice.

The EP concludes with ‘Test Patterns’ an excerpt from a live soundtrack composed for the premiere of Victoria Keddie’s film Test Patterns for the closing night of the Basquiat exhibition at the Barbican, London 2018. A beguiling and mysterious soundworld like no other.

Posted on 18.02.2023